Importing a Structure File

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There are two ways to import a structure file into STNext:

Importing a Structure File on the Structures Page

You may import saved .mol, .str, and .cxf structure files into My Files > Structures for storage and management.

  1. Click My Files, and then select Structures.


  2. On the Structures page, click the Import Structure button.


    You may also import a structure file directly into a folder.


  3. In the Import Structure pop-up window, click the Browse button, select the structure file or files (up to 10) to import, and then click the Open button.


    Note: Press Ctrl while clicking to select multiple files.


  4. The name of the selected structure file(s) displays in the Import Structure window; click the Pencil icon to edit the file name or the Trash icon to delete the file from the list. Click the Ok button to import the file(s).


    Important: If you attempt to import a structure that has the same file name as a structure already in My Files, you have the option to overwrite the existing file with the file being imported (Replace) or Rename the file being imported.


    Note: If the structure has validation errors, you will see the following message. Click the Open Editor button to open the Structure Editor, where you can click Save and display the error types.


  5. The structure file is added to the Structures page for future upload.


Importing a Structure in the Structure Editor

  1. Click the Draw button in the lower right-hand corner.


  2. In the Structure Editor, click the Import icon.


  3. Click the Choose File button in the Upload Structure pop-up.


  4. Select the structure file, and then click the Open button.


  5. Click the Upload button in the Upload Structure pop-up.


  6. In the Structure Editor, click the:
    • Save button to use the existing file name.
    • Save As button to edit the file name.


      Note: If the imported structure has errors, attempting to save or upload the file displays an error message with a dot marking the problem area.


You will then return to the Structure Editor. The structure will also appear on the Structures page where it is available for future upload.