Uploading a Sequence File

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There are two ways to upload a sequence in STNext:

Important: You must open at least one of the following files before uploading a sequence:

  • GENESEQ (Derwent Patent Sequence Database)
  • PATGENE (WIPO Patent Sequence Database)
  • USGENE (US Patent Sequence Database)

Note: Prior to uploading and searching sequences in CAS REGISTRY, download and install the CAS Registry BLAST® client. See Using CAS Registry Blast.

Uploading a Sequence File on the Structures Page

In order for a sequence file to be uploaded from the Structures page, it must have been already imported via the Import Sequence button or Edit Sequence window.

  1. Click My Files, and then select Structures.


  2. On the Structures page, click the sequence file's Upload button.


  3. The sequence uploads to STNext, creating a new L-number. Click the Edit button to modify the sequence data.