Using the Command Window: Entering STN Commands and Running Simple Scripts

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The Command Window contains all of the STN commands issued during the search session and runs a list of STN commands and simple scripts (i.e., those that specify level 1 and level 2 prompts), but it does not understand the full STN script language described in Script Language Components.

  • To open the Command Window, click the arrow (), and select Command Window.


  • To close the Command Window, click the arrow (), and select Command Line.



Command Window Tasks

Entering Commands in the Command Window

  1. Select Command Window from the Command Prompt drop-down menu.


  2. Keep the Lock button from the right toolbar of the Command Window in the locked position. In locked mode, you can type a series of commands and edit them without sending them to the session window.


  3. To send the commands in the Command Window to STNext, use the buttons from the right toolbar. You can send one (1) command line or multiple (All) command lines:

    • Clicking the Send One Line button will send the currently highlighted line to the session window.

    • Click the Send All Lines button will send the highlighted line and any lines below that line to the session window.


Importing a Script/Command File into the Command Window

  1. Click the Import button on the right toolbar.


  2. In the Import Script window, click the Browse button and select the command file name in the dialog.


  3. Click the Ok button.


Saving Command Window Script to a File

  1. Click the Save button located on the right toolbar in the Command Window.


  2. In the Script Name window, enter a file name and then click the Save As button. The script file is saved to My Files > Scripts.


Clearing Command Window Contents

Click the Clear button located on the right toolbar in the Command Window.