April 12, 2024

  • Updated
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Reporting Wizard UX Enhancements

Reporting capabilities allow STNext searchers to package and share valuable results and insights with their stakeholders. The updated report wizard guides users through the steps of picking answers, selecting data fields, customizing font styles, adding a cover page, and more.

Reporting continues to be accessed via the Create Report option for a transcript file.


Select Answers


Choose a Template


Select Hit Highlighting Options


Apply Additional Formatting and Download


To learn more, see Reports and Tables Overview.

Interactive Claims Viewer – Claims Comparison Beta

IP professionals routinely have to delve into patent family details to understand whether claims have been denied or amended. The Claims Comparison feature allows users to navigate side-by-side claims trees or claims text for related patents.

Select the Claims Viewer option for patent results.


When multiple family members are available, the viewer offers a Compare With menu of patents to view in the compare mode.


There is a toggle to view the documents’ claims as graphic diagrams or text.


To learn more, see Compare Claims.