March 6: REAXYSFILESub Enhanced with Properties and Reactions Content

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REAXYSFILESub, produced by Elsevier, contains more than 51 million records and covers all types of organic and inorganic substances, including alloys, coordination compounds, minerals, mixtures, polymers, and salts. Effective March 4, 2024, properties and reaction data have been added to the REAXYSFILESub backfile content, and new properties and reactions data will now be added regularly, during the twice weekly updates of the database.

This means that there is a tremendous increase in the amount of property and reaction data now available, when compared to REAXYSFILE, which provided access to this type of data only through
2011. Users need up-to-date information on experimental properties and also on reactions especially for patent searches. The new implementation enables access to up-to-date information in a simple way to obtain information on various properties and gives an entry point to reaction information.

Now that the properties and reactions content previously unique to the legacy database REAXYSFILE can be found in REAXYSFILESub, there is no longer a need to continue to make REAXYSFILE available on STNext, and it will be removed on March 16, 2024.

To support your use of the enhanced REAXYSFILESub database, a variety of resources are now available:

An e-seminar introducing REAXYSFILESub is scheduled for March 28, 2024. Register at:

A recorded version of the seminar will be available after the session.