January 15, 2024: Manual Code Revisions for 2024 Provide Derwent World Patents Index® Users Simplified Access to New and Emerging Technologies

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From DWPI update 2024001 onwards, Derwent World Patents Index (WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX) will be indexed with the revised 2024 set of Manual Codes. The codes are revised at the start of each year to include new codes suggested by customers as well as the patent analysts at Clarivate. For the 2024 revision, 46 new Manual Codes have been added, with 27 new CPI (Chemical Patents Index) codes and 19 new codes in the GMPI/EPI (i.e., General and Mechanical Patents Index and Electrical Engineering Patents Index) areas. The new codes allow newly emerging technologies to be indexed in DWPI, and the revision also includes a number of scope note changes to ensure clarity of the scope of the codes.

Notable changes for 2024 include:

  • Monomers containing sulfur or silicon – new codes A04-A06 and A04-A07
  • Kompetitive allele specific PCR (KASP) - new code B11-C08N1K
  • Capped modified oligonucleotides such as trinucleotide capping modifications on messenger RNA (mRNA) – new codes B04-B03F*/C04-B03F*/B04-E01X/C04-E01X/ D05-H12H
  • Telecommunications network proxy and network addressing – new codes W01-A06E1P and W01-A06E1N
  • Navigational aids for vehicles – new code X21-A05E6

Full lists of the new and revised codes can be viewed at: https://clarivate.com/dwpi-reference-center/dwpi-manual-code/