October 7, 2019

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New CAS FORMULATIONS™ Database Launched on STNext®

The newest database from CAS is now available exclusively on STNext. The CAS FORMULATIONS database (file label CASFORM) focuses on the chemistry content of formulations. It also provides information on the products using these formulations, experimental activity of formulations and the processes for making individual formulations. The bulk of the records in the database are derived from patent and journal articles reported in CAplus, but a unique information source, drug product inserts, is also covered. For each formulation indexed from CAplus, the original source patent or journal article has been reacquired and analyzed for its unique formulation content, not previously reported in CAS databases or elsewhere. The location where the formulation content was gathered (e.g., claims 1, 3, 4; Example 4; or Table 2) also is provided. Bibliographic information about the source document for formulation record also is provided.

Core subject coverage areas include pharmaceuticals, agroscience and cosmetics, but coverage of coatings, consumer goods food and materials is also provided. A significant backfile is available. English language patents are covered back to 1996, as well as selected patents originally published in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Korean. Journal article coverage begins in 2014. All drug product inserts from the DailyMed database are also included in the database.

The database is updated weekly, and includes over 4.4 million formulations at launch. Hundreds of thousands of new records are expected to be added to the database each year. Alerts are available for weekly, biweekly or monthly delivery. Because the key content of the CAS FORMULATIONS database is so different than other existing STN databases, it is not a member of any cluster.

Global Value Pricing customers have the opportunity to add access to CAS FORMULATIONS to their list of authorized databases. Contact your local service center for details. A variety of HELP messages are available within the database, and a Database Summary Sheet has been created for the new database at: https://www.cas.org/sites/default/files/documents/casform.pdf