February 4, 2019

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INPADOC/INPAFAM: Major Enhancements for PCT

The PCT entry into national phase data is provided with the legal status code (field /LSC) WOWWE and now available for 66 patent offices. Based on backfile data received from WIPO, the coverage of data on the entry of PCT applications into the national phase in the INPADOC database could be increased.

The additional legal event data will lead to an update of almost 1 million WO-documents. This might also be reflected in the number of results in the SDI-alerts.

The EPO added in a first step entry data for the following 17 countries for which no entry data was available in the INPADOC database so far:

  • AZ Azerbaijan
  • CO Colombia
  • CR Costa Rica
  • CU Cuba
  • DK Denmark
  • ID Indonesia
  • IN India
  • KG Kyrgyzstan
  • KZ Kazakhstan
  • MA Morocco
  • NI Nicaragua
  • PE Peru
  • RS Serbia
  • SG Singapore
  • TR Turkey
  • VN Vietnam
  • YU Yugoslavia

In a second step, the coverage will be completed in the next few weeks for countries for which entry data has generally been available in the INPADOC database. This improvement affects numerous patent authorities, including

  • CN China
  • DE Germany
  • EP European Patent Office
  • KR Korea
  • MX Mexico
  • US United States

In addition, the EPO is working on increasing the coverage and correctness of entry data in the INPADOC database further within the near future.

Resumption of Delivery of Russian Data

The delivery of legal event data from Russia (RU) resumes. The update of week 5/2019 will cover missing data as of 2018, with approximately 58,000 records. After that, the data is delivered continuously again.