November 30, 2020

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Full-Text Patent Documents from German Democratic Republic Added to DEFULL

About 170,000 patent documents from the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) with country code DD have been added to the full-text database DEFULL, covering the full publication period for DD patents from 1951 to 2003.

Titles, abstracts, detailed descriptions, and claims are available in German and machine-translated English. About 120,000 DD publications have a full text with detailed description and claims. It is recommended to use the basic index search field /BI as the OCR process has not always identified abstracts and claims as distinct fields.

In addition to bibliographic data, IPC and sometimes CPC numeric values for 59 physical and chemical properties are searchable in the DD documents. Also searchable are key terms, which are indexed and displayed in field /KT.

More than 85% of all DD publications have a DD priority. The patent applications published in the German Democratic Republic have a focus on organic chemistry, measuring instruments, optical elements, machine tools, and transport devices.

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