November 23, 2020

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Claims Access: WIPO, United States, and China for 1999 - Present

The CA/CAplus family of files now includes patent Claims content. Search the Claims content to supplement your results from Basic Index searches, and as a means to identify potential search terms, e.g., those with a particular chemical stem. See your search terms in context to see exactly what has been claimed.

As of November 2020, the following data is included:

  • WIPO: 1999 - Present
  • US Patent Office: 1999 - Present
  • Chinese Patent Office: 1999 - Present

Claims content is added to the record promptly after their first entry of records into CA/CAplus. New Claims data is added daily.

Mathematical formulas, chemical structures and reaction pathways are frequently included in the text of the Claims. However, structure searching in the Claims is not available at this time.

The design of the new Claims feature in CA/CAplus supports the expansion of your search into the numerous patent full text files on STNext, as well as to the Derwent World Patent Index.

HELP CLM in CA/CAplus provides key information about Claims content in these databases. In addition, the Database Summary Sheets for CA ( and CAplus ( have been updated to reflect the additional Claims content.