October 19, 2020

  • Updated
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INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB were enhanced to feature more legal event categories, calculated expiry dates for all authorities, and overall efficiency gains:

  • 27 instead of 7 legal event categories; most useful new categories are Entry into national phase and Non-entry into national phase, Fee payment, separate categories for SPC and Time Extension, and separate categories for Expiry, Withdrawal, and Lapse.
  • Calculated expiration dates are now available for all authorities (except PCT) instead of only 41 before.
  • Enhanced deduplication of names makes searching for inventors and assignees more efficient.
  • A representative title in the brief family display improves clarity.
  • Extensive possibilities on family statistics enabled by various new counts such as the number of applications, priorities, publications, and legal events.
  • Increased display performance (up to more than three times) helps to speed up evaluation of the results, especially for large records.