June 23, 2020

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COMPENDEX – New Fields for Author Identifier and URL

COMPENDEX now includes two new fields: AUID (AUthor IDdentification) and URL. Both fields are available for data that entered the file since 2015.

The AUID field includes ORCID author identifiers. ORCID identifiers provide a means to unambiguously identify a particular author, even authors who have published under different names. Author identifiers in the AUID field are searchable, and records which include the AUID field can be found using AUID/FA.

The field is available in a predefined format MAX or as custom display (hyperlinked).

For example:

As the volume of records with ORCID identifiers grows, this provides searchers with the opportunity to expand the comprehensiveness of their author searches in a number of databases on STN, including COMPENDEX, EMBASE, and MEDLINE®.

For more information refer to the database summary sheet at: http://www.stn-international.de/sites/default/files/STN/summary-sheets/COMPENDEX.pdf