April 3, 2020

  • Updated
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Advanced German Patent Full-Text Database DEFULL Replaces Patdpafull

Recently, we enhanced DEFULL covering German Patents significantly; we strongly recommend DEFULL for your research on patent full-text information published in Germany. Patdpafull will become static shortly, while DEFULL is being updated weekly. Patdpafull is from 1981 onwards and in German only; DEFULL starts in 1877 and features English machine-translated text in addition to the German text for your searching. Other features include:

  • Key Terms (field KT) to support efficient full-text searching and results evaluation
  • Numeric Property Search on 59 physical properties
  • Standardized and normalized patent assignee names
  • CPC Combination Sets (special indexing assigned by patent examiners to link major features of an invention)
  • New update date UPTX to alert on updated full-text only
  • Bibliographic information has been augmented with related application information, and original patent, application, and priority numbers.

For more detailed information, consult HELP KEY, HELP NPS, HELP CPC, and HELP PAN in the database, or go to the database summary sheet at https://stn.products.fiz-karlsruhe.de/sites/default/files/X/B.pdf