February 4, 2020

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New Legal Event Data from Croatia, Italy, and Poland in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB

Legal events from Croatia (country code HR) are available for the first time via the INPADOC worldwide legal event data. The Croatian Patent Office will deliver the data now on a regular basis. Data available includes information on the discontinuation of applications, granting and discontinuation of IP rights, party data changes, and the payment of maintenance fees.

Data covered goes back to 1994 and will be uploaded on a bi-weekly basis. 55 legal event codes from Croatia are available for the time being. SPC data will be added later this year.

From week 04/2020 onwards, information is available in EP documents on the request for and the grant of supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) in Italy (country code IT). Data already loaded ranges from 2015 to 2019. The data will be updated on a regular basis (every time the Italian Patent Office publishes the SPC Bulletin).

Since entry date 20191128, over 57,000 documents from Poland with Polish translations of EP documents (kind code PLT3) have been added to INPADOC. These documents have publication dates from 2006 onwards. With this addition, over 93,000 documents with kind code PLT3 are now available in INPADOC.

More details are available here: