November 17, 2021

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New Russian Full Text Patent Database RUFULL

RUFULL, a new patent full text database providing patent applications from the Federal Service for Intellectual Property in Russia (Rospatent), the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO) and the State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries of the former Soviet Union, is now available on STNext. Coverage back to 1924 is provided.

Outstanding features of RUFULL include numeric property search, key terms to support efficient full text searching and results evaluation, standardized and normalized patent assignee names, CPC classification codes including combination sets, and a separate update date for the full text. Also, bibliographic information has been augmented with related application information, and original patent, application

and priority numbers.

More details about the features listed above are available within the database by typing HELP KEY, HELP NPS, HELP CPC, or HELP PAN at an arrow prompt.

The RUFULL database summary sheet is at:

NTIS Reload

NTIS, produced by the National Technical Information Service, USA, is a multidisciplinary database containing records for documents covered in Government Reports Announcements & Index (GRA&I). NTIS provides access to U.S.-sponsored research and contains unique information not found in other STN databases.

With the recent reload of NTIS on STNext, weekly updates to the database have resumed, and Alerts (SDIs) are once again available.

Key enhancements are as follows:

  • Numeric Property Searching for 59 physical or chemical properties
  • The ability to use SLART (simultaneous left and right truncation), previously available in only the Basic Index, has now been extended to the new Abstract (/AB) search field, as well as the Title (/TI).

The updated Database Summary Sheet for NTIS is available at:


RDISCLOSURE, the technical disclosure database providing the full text of technical disclosures of nearly 50,000 inventions published as an alternative to the patent system and an important source of prior art, has been reloaded and enhanced. New features include:

The addition of Numeric Property Searching, for 59 physical and chemical properties.

Expanded search capabilities via the introduction of simultaneous left and right truncation (SLART) in the Text /TX field. SLART was previously available in just the Basic Index (/BI) and Title (/TI) fields.

For more information, refer to the Database Summary sheet for RDISCLOSURE at: