April 13, 2021

  • Updated
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INSPEC Reload Features Numeric Property Searching, Cited, References and DOIs

Effective April 2021, INSPEC has been reloaded to incorporate several enhancements to enrich your search experience:

  • Numeric Property Searching (NPS) for 59 physical and chemical properties is now available. See HELP NPS for details. NPS is available in many files across STN and multi-file searching for numeric properties is supported.
  • More than 2.6 million cited references are now available, from 2010 onwards. These citations are searchable in the /RE field, custom displayable as field RE and included in the new predefined display format MAX. About 300,000 new citations are expected to be added each year.
  • Digital Object Identifiers (/FTDOI) are now available for linking to the full text of source documents.
  • The Corporate Source Identifier (/CSID) field has been enriched with Ringgold Identifiers (RIN), unique numerical identifiers used to Identify organizations. For example, when Petrobras was listed as a Corporate Source, the CSID field included the following text: "Petrobras Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (RIN42506)". The CSID field is custom displayable.
  • The Author and Corporate Source fields have been updated to make explicit the relationship between authors and their respective corporate sources.
  • The Field Availability field now documents the availability of 28 different fields. For example, for records with abstracts, search AB/FA. Expand the FA field (e.g., e a/fa) to see which fields are included.

The Database Summary Sheet for INSPEC has been updated to reflect these enhancements. It is available at: https://www.stn-international.com/sites/default/files/STN/summary-sheets/INSPEC.pdf