December 3, 2022

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New TWFULL Database and New Implementation of Derwent Drug File (DRUGU/DDFU)

Expanded Access to Taiwanese Patent Information with New Full-Text Database and Claims Coverage

Interested in the patents of Taiwan, one of the world’s leading innovators? Building on the coverage of Taiwan already included in various databases within CAS STNext, a new value-added patent full-text database, TWFULL, is now available. In addition, CAplusSM now provides access to Taiwanese claims.

The new TWFULL database provides coverage of patent applications, granted patents, utility models, and design patents, from 1950 to the present. Value-added features include:

  • Numeric property searching of 59 chemical and physical properties.
  • Key Terms to help users determine relevance and expand search scope. These are 1-5 word phrases extracted from English text fields (title, abstract, detailed description, and claims).
  • The ability to search Independent Claims, either individually (/CLM.IC) or with their dependent claims in claims groups (/CLM.CG).
  • A searchable Detailed Description (/DETDEN) field, providing precision searching capabilities.

Coverage of claims data in CAplus was recently expanded to include Taiwan, back to the year 2000. More than 70,000 records now provide claims. For further information, see HELP CLM while in CAplus.

New Implementation of Derwent Drug File (DRUGU/DDFU)

The Derwent Drug File (DRUGU for subscribers/DDFU for non-subscribers) is a bibliographic database that provides information from the worldwide pharmaceutical literature on the whole life cycle of a drug - from drug design to post-marketing surveillance. If you are interested in information on clinical trials, adverse effects, etc., check out this invaluable resource.

The new implementation of the Derwent Drug File on CAS STNext unifies the historical backfiles for DRUGU and DDFU with their respective front files. That means that the new versions of DRUGU and DDFU both now cover 1964 to the present, making comprehensive searching more convenient.

An updated Database Summary Sheet for DRUGU/DDFU is now available.