September 14, 2022

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New Preference Setting for Transcript Options Helps Better Manage Transcripts, Increase Their Efficiency

A new Setting now available in CAS STNext allows you to better manage your Transcripts. A key benefit is the ability to more easily find your transcripts in the weeks and months after you originally do your searching.

The Setting is off by default, but when activated, a modal is displayed, just after you log in. You are given the option to start a new transcript, or to append your current searching to an existing transcript.

If you choose the new transcript option, you have the option to accept the system-supplied transcript name (e.g., 2022_0324_Transcript), or to cursor over the default name and replace it with something more meaningful to you, should you need to find that transcript again in the future. Consider naming your transcript based on the topic of your search, the docket or project number, or the search requester's name.