August 8, 2022

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Identification of Substances from Claims Simplified in CAS PatentPak

The CAS PatentPak workflow solution saves valuable time by providing CAS STNext users with easy access to substances in the full text of patent documents. The substances mentioned in the Claims section are often of particular interest to patent searchers because of their legal importance.

Exclusively for the benefit of STN customers, the PPAK field now includes "Claim" tags for substances appearing in the Claims, and the PatentPak Interactive Viewer has been updated to support this enhancement.

At launch, Claim tag coverage applies to US and CN patents, from 2020 to present.

Substances with the Claim tag now sort to the top of the list in the PPAK field, in CAplus/HCAplus/ZCAplus records displayed in the popular STD and ALL formats. Along with the new Claim tag, the PPAK field continues to provide:

  • the CAS Registry Number for the substance
  • the chemical name, when available
  • a hyperlinked page reference

The remaining backfile for CN and US patents is actively being processed. Expansion of coverage to additional patent offices is planned.

To support this enhancement, the PatentPak Interactive Viewer interface has been updated:

  • It now offers users the ability to "Jump to Claims" with a single click.
  • The "Key Substances in Patent" bar now provides, per substance, the Claim tag along with the page number(s) where the substance can be found. Any page location(s) in the Claims is provided first.