June 30, 2022

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Claims for Four Additional Patent Authorities Added to CA/CAplus

We continue to add Claims to patent authorities to CA/CAplus! Below is an overview of the authorities added to date. Note that the latest additions will be added by the end of 2Q2022:

  Patent Authority Coverage Begins Volume of Patents with Claims
(June 2022)
New! AU (Australia) 2000 >20K
New! BR (Brazil) 2000 >20K
New! CH (Switzerland) 1975 > 4K
  CN (China) 1985 >6.5 M
  DE (Germany) 1997 >369K
  EP (Europe) 1979 >447K
  GB (Great Britain) 1927 >75K
New! IN (India) 2007 >89K
  JP (Japan) 1983 >2.8M
  KR (Korea) 1999 >997K
  RU (Russia) 1994 >280K
  US (United States) 1906 >1.8M
  WO (WIPO) 1979 >1.7M

Additional authorities will be announced on a quarterly basis.

SMARTracker SDI Option Now Supported in Derwent Files

SMARTracker is a powerful and convenient cross-file current awareness option used to monitor the latest bibliographic references for a substance or a class of substances. Previously available only for CAS Registry® and CAplus®, this valuable option is now also available for Derwent Chemistry Resource® (DCR) and the Derwent World Patents Index® (WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX).

SMARTracker begins with a substance search in DCR. Both structure and text-based searches (e.g., molecular formula searches) are supported. The user’s SMARTracker SDI then finds bibliographic references relevant to the substances found in the DCR search in WPINDEX, WPIDS or WPIX, per the user’s specifications.

To learn more about SMARTracker:

Expanded Claims Coverage and Enhanced HIT Displays of Claims Data in Derwent World Patents Index®

Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) now features a tremendous increase in the availability of Claims content, providing the opportunity for more comprehensive prior art searching. In addition, HIT displays in the Claims have been improved.

All Claims for the patent authorities listed below are now available, beginning for most countries with 2015.

  • AR (Argentina)
  • BR (Brazil)
  • CA (Canada)
  • CH (Switzerland)
  • EP (Europe)
  • ES (Spain)
  • FR (France)
  • GB (Great Britain)
  • ID (Indonesia)
  • IN (India)
  • JP (Japan)
  • MX (Mexico)
  • MY (Malaysia)
  • RU (Russia)
  • TH (Thailand)
  • TR (Turkey)
  • TW (Taiwan)
  • US (United States)
  • VN (Vietnam)
  • WO (WIPO)

Previously, DWPI included all Claims only for Chinese (CN) and Korean (KR) patent and utility model publications, with coverage back to 2008.

In addition, the Main Claim data from Germany (DE) is available from 1968 and Singapore (SG) from 2015.

Detailed coverage information can be found at:


To make it more efficient to review the records in your DWPI answer set, HIT displays of Claims data have now been adjusted so that only individual Claims with HIT terms are displayed, as opposed to the entire Claims field.

Latest Update to Emtree® Now Available in Embase®

The latest version of the Emtree thesaurus launched in Embase on STNext in May 2022. Emtree is a critical resource for the most updated terminology in biomedicine, pharmacology and medical devices, and is updated three times per year.

The latest Emtree version adds 234 new drug terms and 1,029 non-drug terms. The thesaurus now contains about 93,541 preferred terms and about 500,000 synonyms.

Highlights of the new version include:

  • further expansions related to COVID-19, including brand names and trade names of vaccines and therapeutics launched and/or under development, and variant terminology,
  • hundreds of additions to the Neoplasm hierarchy, and
  • additional terms related to hypersensitivity, allergy and hypersensibility.

Customers running Alerts in Embase are encouraged to review the latest additions and changes to Emtree to determine whether their search strategies should be updated to ensure continued comprehensive retrieval. A repository of Emtree Release Notes, as well as lists of Added and Changed Emtree terms, can be found at: https://service.elsevier.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/16354/supporthub/embase/kw/emtree/