March 30, 2022

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New Projects Feature

STNext users now have the ability to assign various search assets, including Transcripts, Structures and biosequences, and Scripts including FragCode scripts, into custom-named search Projects. Take advantage of this new feature to increase efficiency and save time.

Whether you are creating a new Project or reviewing whats in an existing one, start by clicking the Project tab in the STNext interface. Two tabs appear, New Project and Open Project.

  • Click Open Project to see any Projects you have previously created.
  • Click New Project, and the system opens a Transcript for the searching you are doing for your new Project, under the Transcripts tab.
    • The Transcript for your current searching becomes the first asset under the Transcripts tab.
    • You can upload structures and scripts relevant to your Project from the MyFiles Structures and Scripts pages. Those assets will remain available under MyFiles > Structures or MyFiles > Scripts, as well as appearing in your Project.
    • Updates to your Structures and Scripts will automatically be reflected in both your Project and in MyFiles.

You can maintain your projects by editing their contents, or deleting them altogether. In either case, keep in mind that even if you remove an asset from a Project, the master copy of the asset remains available in MyFiles.