March 25, 2022

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New Get Prior Art Analysis Feature in CA/CAplus

Imagine you're searching in CA/CAplus for prior art, to ensure patentability for a patent application your organization is pursuing, or to investigate the novelty of a patent recently issued to your competitor. You find a patent that is right on target, and would like to efficiently find similar patents.

A new tool in CA/CAplus will help you to do just that! The Get Prior Art Analysis feature is based on the indexing in the patent you found, and on the indexing created by CAS analysts for other patents and non-patent literature included in the CAS databases. The predictive functionality helps find additional results that other search strategies might miss.

To use the new feature, left click on the basic patent of interest in your CAplus record display. From the menu, select Get Prior Art Analysis.

STNext generates a prior art results set for the given patent in a new L-number. Review records in this set, and refine your answer set as necessary, using tools such as Analyze to find Controlled Terms, substances, patent assignees and patent classification codes. Note that the result sets can also provide key insights into new topic areas and reduce the need for manual review and look-up of relevant search terms.

Searching Chemical Compounds with Fragmentation Codes in Derwent World Patents Index® Subscriber Files

An improved version of Fragmentation Code searching recently launched in the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) subscriber files WPIDS and WPIX. Longtime chemical patent searchers may be familiar with the previous implementation of this feature in STN Express. Fragmentation codes are alphanumeric codes representing individual structure fragments generated from a structure drawn in the STNext Structure Editor.

The new implementation is customized for the STNext platform and provides better recall and precision, via an improved code generation process. Use FragCode searching to gain access to the chemical compounds in 530,000 DWPI records without Derwent Chemistry Resource/Derwent Markush Resource indexing.

To create a FragCode script:

  1. Enter either WPIDS or WPIX.
  2. Draw your structure in the STNext Structure Editor.
  3. Click the Save As button, and close the Structure Editor.
  4. On the My Files > Structures page, the structure you just drew will be the first one in the list. Click the ellipsis (...) menu, and then select Generate FragCode Script.
  5. In the Generate FragCode Script window, rename the script if you like, and then click the Generate Script button.
  6. The script runs in STNext. Select which records to display or continue searching within the file per your needs.