February 16, 2022

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January 2022 Update to Emtree® Now Available on STNext

The latest version of the Emtree thesaurus launched in Embase on STNext on January 29, 2022. Emtree remains a great resource for the latest terminology in biomedicine, pharmacology and medical devices.

The latest Emtree version adds 261 new drug terms and 1,241 non-drug terms, including 21 new medical device terms. The thesaurus now contains about 92,278 preferred terms and nearly 500,000 synonyms.

Highlights of the new version include:

  • the incorporation of terms introduced in the 2022 MeSH
  • expanded terminology related to COVID-19, including brand names and trade names of vaccines and therapeutics launched and/or under development
  • thorough revision to the Neoplasm hierarchy.

Customers running Alerts in Embase are encouraged to review the latest additions and changes to Emtree to determine whether their search strategies should be updated to ensure continued comprehensive retrieval. A repository of Emtree Release Notes, as well as lists of Added and Changed Emtree terms, can be found at: