July 4, 2023

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The patent full-text database JPFULL, covering patent applications, granted patents, utility models, and design patents published in Japan, has been reloaded. Content enhancements and new search options promise additional relevant hits.

About 12 million additional family records with an application year from 1913 to 1999 were added. JPFULL contains now more than 19.55 million family records.

Based on the annotation of the claims in English language, two new search and display fields enable a more precise retrieval of terms in the English claim text. Terms in the independent claims may be searched in the field /CLM.IC and claim groups, i.e., an independent claim and its related dependent claims, in the field /CLM.CG. See 'HELP CLAIMS' for details.

All claims may be explored with the Interactive Claims Viewer. For more details see: December 19, 2022: Interactive Claim Viewer – Phase 1

The detailed description in English is now indexed in its own search field /DETDEN which allows a more precise search.

The IPC-based FI classification (/FCL) and the F-term classification (/FTERM) are available for more than 15 million Japanese patents and utility models back to 1960. For more details, see 'HELP JPC'.

The Locarno classification (/LCL) is available for the design patents. See 'HELP LCL' for details.

The numeric property search now allows searching of 59 physical and chemical properties in about 20,000 variants of the base and additional units; see HELP NPS for details.

Standardized and normalized patent assignee names are searchable in their own fields /PAS and /PAN. For more details, see HELP PAN.

Key terms, indexed and displayed in the field /KT, are now available for all records. The key terms enhance retrieval of relevant results, and make the evaluation of results more efficient. For detailed information see HELP KEY.

Front page images are now available for more than 12.1 million records and can be displayed with D GI.

In addition to the bibliographic content originally available in Japanese characters (title, patent assignee, and inventor), the legal representative may be displayed with D AGJA, and the abstract with D ABJA.

The JPFULL Database Summary Sheet (https://www.cas.org/sites/default/files/documents/jpfull_060323.pdf) has been updated to reflect these enhancements.