February 23, 2023

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Derwent World Patents Index - Manual Code Revision 2023

From DWPI update 2023001 onwards, the DWPI Manual Codes will be indexed with the revised 2023 set of codes. The Manual Codes are revised at the start of each year to include new codes suggested by customers as well as the patent analysts at Clarivate. For the 2023 revision, 54 new Manual Codes have been added, with 26 new CPI (Chemical Patents Index) codes and 28 new codes in the GMPI/EPI (i.e., General and Mechanical Patents Index and Electrical Engineering Patents Index) areas. The new codes allow newly emerging technologies to be indexed in DWPI, and the revision also includes a number of scope note changes to ensure clarity of the scope of the codes.

Significant revisions for 2023 include:

  • Vaccine adjuvants: B14-S11F+ / C14-S11F+ - Vaccines and their formulations are the subject of fast-moving developments in the wake of the COVID pandemic. The Manual Code section on vaccines has been extended to cover the specific classes of formulation adjuvants which may be used for different administrative routes.
  • Cell therapies: B14-S21+ / C14-S21+ - Additional subdivisions have been added to this code to cover stem cell therapies and CAR-T cell therapies, both of which are the subject of a great deal of development work and patenting.
  • Solid state batteries: X16-B01S - New code to cover batteries with a solid electrolyte that avoid safety issues of e.g.: lithium-ion batteries using a liquid electrolyte and that enable increased energy density, great for use in electric vehicles.
  • Resource allocation: W02-C03R+ - Resource allocation (which was previously covered under the W02-C03G1A code) is now moved to the W02-C03R+ section to cover more precise information about resource allocation in wireless radio networks. The new code section also ties in with new IPCs introduced in 2023.

Full lists of the new and revised codes can be viewed at: https://clarivate.com/dwpi-reference-center/dwpi-manual-code/