September 27, 2018

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Alignment Report for CAS Registry BLAST

This release includes support for combining sequence alignment data from CAS Registry BLAST with bibliographic/substance information in a transcript to create an alignment report.

There is also an updated version of the CAS Registry BLAST client available for download at:

Structure Editor Updates

This release includes the addition of Derwent (DWPIM/DCR) generic nodes to the Structure Editor. Note: Structures drawn with MARPAT generic nodes can be searched in DWPIM, but not vice versa.

To access the nodes, open the Variables palette in the Structure Editor.


In the Derwent (DWPIM/DCR) generic nodes panel, click the node type to add, PRT for example, and then click the desired location on the structure. If you draw and upload a structure with an HY (heterocycle) variable, the system searches the structure in DWPIM with HEA, HET, or HEF at that same node.