February 2, 2018

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Updates to Session Resume

When a STN session is resumed/reconnected the user will be presented with a dialogue to reload history.


If the user clicks No, the session continues beginning with the reconnect message.


If the user clicks Yes, then all the session history would be displayed.

Regardless of the choice the user makes, all data will be available in the user transcript upon download.

Updates to Transcripts

This release includes hit-term highlighting in .txt and .zip format transcript downloads. All hit terms would be highlighted with *** before and after the terms, and if an entire line is to be highlighted, then an (<--) is placed at the end of the line. This mirrors the highlighting scheme in .trn transcripts in STN Express.


_STNext-02-02-2018-ReleaseNote-Image4.pngHyperlinked L-Numbers

This release includes support for hyperlinked L-numbers when an L-number is deleted and re-numbered. With this release, any previously generated L-numbers will not be hyperlinked, but subsequent L-numbers will be hyperlinked. If the deleted L-number is the last one in the list, the previous L-numbers will continue to be hyperlinked.