August 12, 2019

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Updates to Structure Editor, Reporting, and Session Timeout

Structure Editor

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Markush Attributes

When importing structures, the Markush attributes in Structure Editor Preferences were applied even if they were different in the imported structure.

For example, if a structure had the Element Count Level as Unlimited and was then imported to STNext, the attribute would have been changed to Limited.

Imported structures now retain their Markush attributes.

8-12-2019-1.png 8-12-2019-2.png

New Icon Behavior

Clicking the New _STNext-StructureEditor-NewIcon.png icon now saves the structure to My Files > Structures instead of the user's hard drive.

8-12-2019-3.png 8-12-2019-4.png


The Reporting wizard now allows user to navigate the wizard (Forward and Back) while saving the selections made in previous screens.

Session Timeout

This release includes updates to session timeout behavior in STNext. After 35 minutes of inactivity, the user sees the following screen.


By default, the focus is on the Continue Session button; pressing Enter would be the same as clicking the button.

After the session has timed out due to inactivity, the user would see the following screen:


Previously, the user may have seen an “internet connection lost” dialog even though their session actually timed out.