April 11, 2019

  • Updated
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Performance Improvements

This release includes set of changes to improve performance on STNext. Much of the development efforts have been to reduce the processing done on the browser end and move them back to the server. These set of changes have shown an average of 20% improvement in total elapsed time taken.

Sample test results:

  • Display 1000 answers from WPINDEX: ~24% improvement
  • Display 1000 answers from CAplus: ~16% improvement

The timings for a sample set of results put STNext within 1% of variance with performance from STN Express.


This release includes the ability to overwrite an existing custom report template. Previously when changes were made to a custom report template, the system was creating a new custom report template with a system default name.


This release includes suggesting L-numbers in the autosuggest window. The L-numbers are suggested with a snippet of the query along with the number of answers. The max number of suggestions in the window remains at 10 suggestions.

For example, if there are more than 10 L numbers, the suggestion will include only the bottom 10.


If you enter a number after "l," the list automatically filters to display suggestions containing the number.


If there are no L-numbers matching the characters entered, the suggestions will include terms from the lexicon thesaurus.

Visual Updates

This release includes visual updates to the following:

  • Begin New Transcript popup
  • Move window (Transcripts, Structures, Scripts pages)
  • Alerts page
    • Hide Answer History
    • Message when there are no Alerts set up
    • Alerts wizard: Calendar icon update
  • Text updates on Settings page and Transcript Download prompt