April 1, 2019

  • Updated
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This release includes the following updates to Reporting functionality in STNext:

  • Manage Report templates: Ability to delete multiple custom report templates
  • Fields that are not displayed are grayed out


  • Added “Back” button to Reporting wizard


  • Patent fields which are part of predefined templates are no longer represented as merged columns:
    • Sub-fields within Patent fields are represented as columns.
    • For sub-fields which are repeated across patent fields their parent 2/3 letter field codes are appended at the end of their column names. Example: Patent Number (PPPI), Patent Number (PI), Patent Number (PRAI), etc.
Field Before (Merged Columns) After (Individual Columns)
PatentPak Links

PatentPak PDF, PatentPak PDF+, and PatentPak Interactive


PatentPak PDF, PatentPak PDF+, PatentPak Interactive



Patent No., Kind, Date, Language, PatentPak (further merged)


Patent No.(PPPI), Kind (PPPI), Publication Date (PPPI), Language (PPPI), PatentPak PDF, PatentPak PDF+, PatentPak Interactive



Patent No., Kind, Date, Application No., Date


Patent No. (PI), Kind (PI), Publication Date (PI), Application No., Application Date



Patent No., Kind, Date


Priority No., Kind (PRAI), Priority Date


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