June 4, 2020

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Enhanced Reporting: Field Name Resolution

Previously, field names in STNext report templates used the default field description associated with the field’s code. However, the same field code may have different field descriptions depending on the database.
With this release, STNext custom report templates now display the name (field description) based on the database-specific field code/field name association from the provider if available.
For example, the field code NA means Nucleic Acid in REGISTRY and Named Person in HCIN:
  1. In REGISTRY, the user searches 91485-24-4 as a registry number and displays the field using the code NA.


  2. Then in HCIN, the user searches 26:25171 as an accession number and displays the field using the same code, NA.


  3. The user creates a report with L-numbers from the different databases, and STNext displays the database-specific field names Named Person and Nucleic Acid under Available Fields for the same NA field code.

    _STNext-FieldNameResolution-3.png _STNext-FieldNameResolution-4.png
Previously, this same scenario would have displayed only Nucleic Acid under Available Fields.

Enhanced Reporting: Field Detection

In response to numerous customer requests, previously undetected field names for non-CAS databases are now included in STNext reporting.
For example in WPINDEX, when using indented display formats (ibib) for reporting, fields are now displayed and available for inclusion in a customized report.
Example query:
_STNext-FieldDetect-1.png _STNext-FieldDetect-2.png
Previously Now
_STNext-FieldDetect-4.png _STNext-FieldDetect-3.png

Table Reports Enhancement

In table reports, columns that have no content are automatically removed.