November 16, 2021

  • Updated
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Incorporate NCBI Sequences in Biosequence Searching

NCBI sequences are now included in biosequence searches, and in the results, associated GenBank accession numbers may be obtained from selected STN files.

In the biosequence results, if a biosequence has associated GenBank accession numbers, they display on the Subject tab of the result. Clicking the Get All GenBank Accession Nos button opens a popup window where the user may select the STN file from which to get the accession numbers. The user also has the option to save the request as a script.


Clicking the Continue button searches the selected GenBank accession numbers without any field code against the selected files, with the output appearing in the Messenger session.


Searched GenBank accession numbers in the selected files with the corresponding hit counts are captured in the History tab, session, and transcript.

GenBank accession numbers are also included in the .xlsx download.


Combine Motif Results

For the Motif biosequence search type, there is a new Combine Motif Results option that is selected by default.


When this option is active, the results will not have any child (derivative) queries:

  • With Combine Motif Results:


  • Without Combine Motif Results: