August 26, 2021

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Biosequences – Non-Patent Literature

The STNext Biosequence collection now provides expanded information and support for sequences indexed from non-patent literature sources. Public disclosure of information from sources like academic journals and reports can be a significant factor in many IP-related decisions. STNext users can now view the bibliographic information for non-patent sources in the context of specific sequences and cross-reference those sources in other STN files for additional research and investigation.

The new Journals tab displays the up to the first 10 journal documents in which the subject sequence occurs:

  • Clicking the Get All from STN File button retrieves up to 5000 journals from an STN file.
  • Clicking the Get from STN File button retrieves an individual journal from an STN file.


The user has the option to save the action as a script.


In addition to the number of available journals being displayed on the tab, a document count now also displays on the Patents tab.


User Interaction Optimization: Loading Structure Pages

Improved loading times for the My Files > Structures page achieved through retrieving only the structures/folders and sequences/folders relevant to the current view based on the selected sorting option and items allowed per page.