March 11, 2021

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Additional Biosequence Result Sort Options

This release adds the new Sort By options of Alignment Identity %, Query Identity %, Query Coverage %, Subject Identity %, and Subject Coverage %.

Users may now sort a biosequence result set by:

  • Alignment Identity %: Ascending
  • Alignment Identity %: Descending
  • Query Coverage %: Ascending
  • Query Coverage %: Descending
  • Query Identity %: Ascending
  • Query Identity %: Descending
  • Subject Coverage %: Ascending
  • Subject Coverage %: Descending
  • Subject Identity %: Ascending
  • Subject Identity %: Descending


When a user selects a new sort option, the sort applies immediately and the user returns to page one of the results if they are not already there.

Maintain Filtering and Sorting of Biosequence Result Sets

The Filter By and Sort By options applied to biosequence results are now retained and will be in effect the next time the user views the result set. For Motif search results, filter and sort options are saved with each of the child searches.

Filter and sort options selected within Bioscape are retained when returning to a results page.

Alignment Mismatch Highlighting

Mismatches in the alignment of query (input) and subject (output) sequence letters are now highlighted for all nucleotides and proteins searched through the BLAST, CDR, and Motif algorithms.

Sequence mismatches between the query and the subject are highlighted in red; partial mismatches are highlighted in yellow:

  • Nucleotide search through BLAST/Motif


  • Protein search through BLAST/Motif


  • CDR sequence


Mismatch highlighting in the alignment text is retained in the results download .xlsx.