January 31, 2022

  • Updated
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Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

On the Settings page, a new Keyboard Shortcuts section provides the user the ability to keyboard combinations to frequently used text strings.


Up to 18 key combinations may be defined using Ctrl+Shift+1-9 and Alt+Shift+1-9.


Clicking the Reset to Default button on the Settings page will not affect the user-defined shortcuts.


NCBI Organism Biosequence Result Filter

Users may now filter Biosequence results by NCBI Organism name, which now displays on a result’s Subject tab. The number of results with a particular organism is displayed in parentheses next to the filter option.


Clicking View All opens a popup window where the user can view and apply additional organism names.


  • Top Count tab: Up to 100 organism names listed in descending order by result count.


  • Alphanumeric tab: Organism names listed alphabetically.


  • Search tab: Users may search for an organism name.


Additional applied options display within the Organism filter.


In the .xls result download:

  • A new Organism column also appears
  • The Number of NCBI GenBank and GenBank Accession No. columns moved next to the CAS Registry Number column.