September 22, 2022

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Updated Structure Editor User Interface

The Structure Editor user interface has been updated to modernize the look and feel, provide additional canvas area, and improve usability on smaller screens.


The main menu bar maintains the same functionality with updated iconography and the addition of access to the keyboard shortcuts legend via the question mark icon.

The tool bar and quick node/bond access tools have been removed from the left side and bottom, respectively, of the main window. By default, these tool bars will launch anchored to the left and right side of the canvas window but can be moved independently. If the external tool bars have not been moved from their default location, they will move relative to the main canvas window if it is resized. If the external tool bars have been moved from their default location, they will not move from their new position if the canvas is resized.

Additionally, some tools have been grouped together and can now be accessed via a menu that is activated when clicking a tool bar button with an expansion indicator. Clicking a tool bar button with an expansion indicator will open a drop-down menu containing the available tool options. The currently selected tool will be indicated with grey shading and that tool will be the currently active tool. Clicking a different tool in the menu will select the new tool, which will become the default tool for that button until a different tool is selected.

The rotate fragment and flip fragment tools have been combined into a single menu with the rotate fragment tool selected by default.


The deuterium and tritium atom buttons have been combined with the hydrogen button in a single menu with hydrogen selected by default.


The F, Cl, Br, and I halogen atom buttons have all been combined in a single menu with Cl selected by default.


Double, triple, and any bonds have been combined into a single menu with the double bond selected by default.


Lastly, single and double stereochemical bonds have also been combined into a single menu with the beta single bond selected by default.


The zoom controls have been moved to the center below the canvas and users can continue to enter node values by keyboard using the text box on the bottom left.

See Drawing and Editing Structures Overview for more information.

New Preference Setting: Lexicon Matches


When switched ON, a Lexicon Matches box displays terms matching the search terms entered in the command line.


Clicking a matched term highlights it on the CAS Lexicon tab, where you can select synonyms and related/narrower terms to add to your query.


New Claims Fields

  • New Claims fields (CLM, CLMN, ECLM) were added to patent records in CAplus and H/Z/CAplus, H/Z/L CA.
  • A user may search the CLM field for Field Availability (FA). e.g. "S CLM/FA"
  • The new fields are reflected in Reporting as well.