August 24, 2023

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Updated Structure Editor

There is an updated Structure Editor user interface allowing for floating or attached toolbars. Accordingly, there is a new Structure Editor Toolbars option on the Settings page.


The user’s selection is implemented in the current session and remembered for subsequent sessions.



This is the default setting; the left and right toolbars are detached from Structure Editor canvas and movable.



The left and right toolbars are integrated into the Structure Editor canvas.


Pop-Up Menu Behavior

For both versions of the Structure Editor, the placement and visual contrast of pop-up menus has also been improved in order to reduce accidental menu selections.

High-Contrast Text

For both versions of the Structure Editor, higher-contrast fonts have been implemented to improve overall readability, particularly for unselected menu options.

File Import UI Redesign

The Import window was redesigned to give users more visibility and flexibility when importing files to STNext My Files pages. This includes allowing up to 10 files to be selected for import and an interactive list of the selected files that allows users to edit file names, see which files have naming errors, and add/remove files to be imported.