Managing Patent Families

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Select Patent Family Manager from an L-number's ellipsis (...) menu.


Patent Family Manager works on L-number answer sets:

  • From one or more databases in the PATENTS cluster.
  • Containing up to 5,000 answers (Remove twin basics feature may contain up to 5,000 answers with the Chemical Indexing Equivalent tag).
  • Containing patent documents as well as non-patent literature.

Patent Family Manager may be used to:

  • Extract the first member from each patent family and create a new L-number. You may also choose to include non-patent answers.
  • Remove one member of a twin multiple basic patent pair from CA/CAplus answer sets, based on a comparison of CAS Registry Number® indexing. You have the option to keep one of the following:
    • National Office Equivalents
    • Oldest Application Date
    • PCT (WO) Equivalents
    • Oldest Publication Date

      At least one CAS Registry Number must be present in the twin basic pair. This feature works with CA/CAplus answer sets only; multifile answer sets are not allowed. Answer sets containing patents without the Chemical Indexing Equivalent tag or non-patent documents will be automatically retained in the answer set created.

      Note: Twin multiple basics are basic patents for the same invention for which the CAS Registry Number® indexing is exactly the same. Twin basics can be identified by the inclusion of the Chemical Indexing Equivalent tag in the SO (Source) field.


  • Create a customized display of patent family results. Enter a display format for first member of each patent family and for additional members of each patent family.