May 18, 2023

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National Office Links and STNext Interactive Claims Viewer Links in Transcript and Report Exports

National Office Links (NOL) to patent registers provide a fast and convenient way to verify against first-level the stage of a patent application. The STNext Interactive Claims Viewer (ICV) offers the opportunity to get a quick overview of connections between different claims of a patent application.

Users now have the option, through a new Include Link Information Table setting, to include the NOL (Register Links) and ICV (Claims Viewer) hyperlinks (provided online in the patent number drop-down menu) in STNext transcript and report exports.


The Link Information table is shown at the end of each display of a database entry with deduplicated entries for patent numbers. For both transcripts and reports, clicking a link opens a new browser tab and leads to the respective linked web pages. Note: Claims Viewer links in STNext transcripts and reports remain valid for 90 days from the download date; there is no limit for the validity of Register links.


In transcripts, the hyperlinks are summarized in a Link Information table that is not visible online and is only present in the exported files.
File types with NOL and ICV hyperlinks links: PDF, PDF (compressed), RTF and RTF (compressed).

Link Information Table in Transcripts

In the Link Information table, there is one entry for each pair of patent numbers with kind code and application number, or patent number and application number if the kind code is not available.
Each publication number is provided with the corresponding application number in the same table row. If there is only a publication number, the space for the application number remains empty, and if the publication number is missing, only the application number is given.
The Publications column contains publication numbers plus Kind Codes from all STNext fields that contain publication numbers with links (e.g., Publications in INPAFAM, ADT in DWPI databases, or RLPI in EPFULL). The Applications column lists all application and numbers from display fields with the corresponding information (e.g., AP or ADT in DWPI databases and RLI in EPFULL). Numbers are given in the table in the order of appearance in the database record display.
The Register and Claims Viewer columns only appear if there is information available. Note: “Federated Register” is shortened to “Federated Reg.”



RTF file, EPFULL, BIB.M display format


In the STNext reporting tool, Link Information is included in the Patent and Patent and Journal predefined templates and an Available Field in Customize Fields.
File types with NOL and ICV hyperlinks links: Standard, Enhanced, Table, XML and BIZInt

Link Information Table in Reports

As in transcripts, the Link Information table for reporting always includes NOL and ICV links. Link Information is available for reports when the user has displayed records containing patent numbers for which Register Links or Claims Viewer links are provided and selected the appropriate L-numbers for reporting. The selection of content and deduplication of information for display is carried out in the same way as described for the Link Information table in transcripts.

Link Information Table in Standard and Enhanced Formats

Standard  Enhanced
2023-05-18-7.png 2023-05-18-8.png

Link Information Table in Table Format

  • Nested: The Link Information table described for transcripts is used. In this variant of the table format, the link texts are not hyperlinked.
  • Split subfields into columns: The Publications and Applications columns and the different types of links are each displayed in a separate table column in Excel.

Split subfields into columns

Report Templates

The Link Information field is included by default for the Patent and Patent and Journal templates and is not part of the Journal and Substance Report templates.

Customized Reports

For customized reports based on the Patent and Patent and Journal templates with the Standard or Enhanced formats, the Link Information field appears under Hyperlinks at the bottom of the Included Fields section.
For customized reports based on the Patent and Patent Journal templates with the Table, XML, and BizInt formats, the Link Information field appears in Included Fields without a heading. Note: The Link Information field appears grayed out if no records with link information were displayed.
For customized reports based on the Journal and Substance Report templates, the Link Information field appears in the list of Available Fields.

Enhanced FragCode Error Messaging

The fragmentation code generator is based on structure queries created by the STNext editor. Not all common structure features and attributes of the STNext editor are supported (e.g.,, CAS generic nodes, variable points of attachment, etc). In order to help users avoid errors related to unsupported features, the FragCode generator will now display specific error messages during the code strategy generation.

Now, when the query structure has unsupported features/attributes, specific error messages display in the interface during the code strategy generation, which contributes to the improvement of the user friendliness and in the confidence in this valuable tool.

See FCO Input Format: Supported and Unsupported Components for details on unsupported features/attributes and associated error messages.

The following language will be displayed for each potential error:

  • Nodes Ak, Cb, Cy, Hy, Id, A, Q, ACY, DYE, POL, XX, PEG, PRT, and UNK
  • Bond type ring for a chain bond
  • Unspecified bond
  • Generic nodes within R-groups
  • Variable point of attachment
  • Ring isolation
  • Isotopes Deuterium and Tritium
  • Repeating Groups
  • R-group with more than 5 atoms in atom list
  • Two or more X nodes attached to the same atom