December 19, 2022

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Interactive Claim Viewer – Phase 1

July 2023 Update: Records from the Japanese Patent Full-Text Database (JPFULL) are now available through the Interactive Claim Viewer.

The Interactive Claim Viewer (ICV) application is intended as a new opportunity for STNext users to get a quick overview of the often-complicated relations between the different claims of a patent application.

For patent records in PCTFULL and EPFULL, there is a new Claims Viewer option in the publication number menu.


Selecting this option opens the ICV in a new tab:

  • On the left side: A graphical claims tree depicting the relationships between independent and dependent claims. Clicking a claim in the tree expands any independent claims and highlights the claim text.


  • On the right side:
    • Text for each claim. Clicking the +/- on claim expands/collapses and dependent claim text.


    • Clicking claims text also highlights the claim in the tree.


  • The + and – signs or the mouse scroll wheel may be used to zoom the claims tree in and out; clicking RESET restores the default view.


  • The two panels can be resized with a slider.


Note: The user may continue to view claims information in the new tab with/without the session open.