Bioscape Analysis Overview

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Bioscape visualizes the similarity and patent landscape for a set of sequence results. The position of the sequences in the Bioscape display represent the relative similarity of their alignment to the query. Proximity in Bioscape does not necessarily indicate that two sequences are similar, only that the nature of their alignment to the query is similar. Thus, sequences that are similar to one another may not be adjacent to one another in Bioscape if the nature of their alignment to the query is significantly different.

Accordingly, dissimilar sequences that share similar alignment to the query would be expected to be within close proximity of one another. The final layout is a best fit when considering the overall similarity or dissimilarity of all sequences from the result set.

The location of the sequence bar in the visualization corresponds to the similarity of the sequence to the query (bar with blue circle), and the height of the sequence bar corresponds to the number of patents in which the sequence has been published.


Click to refine sequence result bars by similarity.

Click to change how sequence result bars display in your Bioscape.

Click to refine sequence result bars by patent keyword and simple legal status.

Click the Select Sequences button, and then click-and-drag to select multiple sequence results for viewing.