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The following views are available in the View Selector menu: All Structures, Highlighted Structures Only, and 2D Overview.


Note: The Smooth Height option may applied to the All Structures and Highlighted Structures Only views.

All Structures

All structures is the default Chemscape view. In the example below, the structure bars are highlighted (refined) by Structural Similarity.

_STNext-Chemscape-ChangeView-AllStructures.pngHighlighted Structures Only

Highlighted structures only flattens all non-highlighted (non-refined) structure bars.


2D Overview

_STNext-Chemscape-ChangeView-2DOverview.pngSmooth Height

The Smooth Height option is selected by default and visually emphasizes smaller variances between structure bars; unchecking it visually flattens all but the structure bars with the highest patent counts.