Chemscape Analysis Overview

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Chemscape visualizes the similarity and patent landscape for a set of substance results. The location of the substance bar in the visualization corresponds to the similarity of the substance to the query (blue dot) and the height corresponds to the number of patents that reference the given substance. By default, substance bars are colored such that substances that are more similar to the substance query are red and substances that are the less similar are yellow.


Click to view and manage your saved Chemscapes.

Click to change how sequence result bars display in your Chemscape.
Click to group and refine Chemscape structures to show key information.

Click a substance's registry number to get structures from an STN file.

Click to add new structures to your Chemscape and indicate their position.

Click to further refine your Chemscape by keyword or chemical structure.

Click a substance's patent count to get patents from an STN file.

Click the Select Structure button, and then click-and-drag to select structures for viewing or a new Chemscape.

Click the Save button to save your Chemscape for later access on My Chemscape.