Displaying, Viewing, Deleting, and Editing Alerts

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My Files > Alerts displays your saved SDI alerts, along with answer history, and enables you easily edit and delete them without entering commands:

Displaying the Alert Query

To display the query that the alert is based on, click the View query link.


Viewing Alert Answer History

Click Answer History to view the last 90 days of alert results. You have immediate access to your results even if you lose or misplace your original file.


You may download a particular set of alert run answers by clicking a file type under Download Options.


Deleting an Alert

To delete an alert, click its trash can icon, and then click the Yes button in the confirmation window.



Editing an Alert

To edit an alert, click its Edit button.


Make your edits in the Alert Settings window, and then click the Save button.


The session window displays the edited alert settings.