Creating a Bar Graph or Data Occurrence Matrix

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For a particular L-number, you can create a bar graph or matrix displaying field data occurrence.

  1. Click the Analyze Results icon for an L-number.


  2. In the Analyze window:
    1. The number of answers for your analysis is prepopulated (up to a limit of 50,000); adjust the number if necessary.
    2. Select up to two fields from the answer set.
    3. Click the Analyze button.


  3. If you selected two fields, a matrix displays showing the field data as axes. You may change the display order, switch the field axes, and download the matrix as an .xls file.

    The below example displays the number of times an author/inventor name occurs by publication year for answers 1-50. The color of the cell is based on the number of occurrences; the darker the color, the higher the number.


    If you select one field, a bar graph displays the field data along with the number of occurrences for the specified answer set.


  4. To open the matrix/graph from the History tab, click the View button for the L-number.