Search Sequences - Motif

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  1. Click My Files, and then select CAS Sequences.


  2. On the CAS Sequences page, click the New Search button.


  3. Click the Motif tab.


  4. Import (.txt files only) or enter the query sequence. See Motif Sequence Searching - Symbols and Codes for tips in crafting your sequence.


    If importing a sequence, the .txt file's name replaces the auto-generated text in the Name field.


  5. Select the desired search options:

    • Sequence type

    • Combine Motif Results: This option is selected by default; produces a single, unified set of results with no child (derivative) queries.


      Advanced Sequence Search offers options to focus the search by Query Coverage % and E-Value.

  6. Click the Run Search button. Note: If the imported or entered sequence is in an invalid format or contains invalid characters, an error message displays.


You will then see your search is in progress; when complete, click the View Results button.