Global STN Settings

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When the Abbreviation option is switched ON, CAS standard abbreviations are added to your query (e.g., if you enter oxidation as a search term, its CAS standard abbreviation, oxidn., is added to your search query). Both terms will be highlighted as HIT terms in your displays.


When the Audit option is switched ON, an L-number is created containing unmatched terms from the search of an ANALYZE L-number.

Logoff History (LHIST)

When the Logoff History (LHIST) option is switched ON, a separate file is created providing a definitive record of what you searched, including relevant structure and sequence queries and query attributes. Note: If the Query Summary File Download setting is ON, STNext automatically switches the Logoff History (LHIST) setting ON at your next log in.

Multiple-steps (MSTEPS)

When the Multiple-steps (MSTEPS) option is switched ON, an L-number is created for each file in a multifile search.


When the Plurals option is switched ON, automatic plurals are uses in queries and searches. Note: If you enter the singular form (e.g., esophagus), you get plurals (e.g., esophagi and esophaguses), but if you enter the plural form (e.g., esophagi), you do not see the singular form.


When the Spellings option is switched ON, your search query is supplemented with alternate spellings of your search terms (e.g., you enter "color" and also searches "colour"; you enter "oesophagus" and also searches "esophagus").

Cost Notifications



The Cost Notifications option will display a pop-up window advising you of the cost in your billing currency of executing a SEARCH or DISPLAY command. When either notification type is switched ON, notifications display when the cost exceeds the amount entered (no decimals) in the respective Cost Trigger field. Note: Cost notifications do not apply to SELECT commands and STN commands such as ANALYZE.