STNext Quick Start

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Displays a sequential auto-generated transcript name. Hover over the area to access the:

See Managing Your Session Transcript for more information.


Use My Files to access:


Access the following user preferences:

  • Settings - Enable or disable Global STN and STNext-specific options.
  • Help - Access in-product Help (classic STN Help is accessible using the command prompt.)
  • Log Out - End your online session.
  • Logoff Hold - Temporarily end your online session and hold the entire session for 120 minutes at no charge.

Use the:

  • History tab to view activity performed during the active session, analyze answer results, and create SDI alerts.
  • Project tab to organize multiple file types into custom-named groupings.
  • CAS Lexicon tab to include additional terms in a search or expand query. Include the AND, OR, or NOT operators using the pop-up box at the bottom of the panel.
  • Databases tab to view/select the database(s) or cluster(s) available at your site. Click the Star for a database/cluster to make it a favorite. Click the Information icon to view a description of the database or cluster.
_STNext-QuickStart-Number5.png Enter commands at the prompt and click the Submit button to open database(s) and enter queries (292-character maximum), use the Search Assistants, or write scripts in the Command Window.

Click the Draw button to launch the Structure Editor, which supports the import of .mol, .str, and .cxf files.

Click the Scripts button to import and run scripts.